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本文摘要:阅读原文And so it was that on a beautiful morning in May,two to three years after her return from Trantridge,因此,从纯瑞脊回来两三年后,苔丝·德北在5月的一个漂亮的清晨,Tess Durbeyfield left home for the second time.She was going in the opposite direction this time.第二次脱离了


阅读原文And so it was that on a beautiful morning in May,two to three years after her return from Trantridge,因此,从纯瑞脊回来两三年后,苔丝·德北在5月的一个漂亮的清晨,Tess Durbeyfield left home for the second time.She was going in the opposite direction this time.第二次脱离了家。这一次她是朝相反的偏向走去。When she reached the first hill,she looked back at Marlott and her father's house with sadness in her heart.当她爬上第一座小山时,她满怀忧伤地转头看了看马勒特村和她父亲的屋子。

She travelled partly by carriage and partly on foot,carrying her basket.她挎着篮子坐了一段马车,又走了一段路。Not far to her left she could see the trees which surrounded Kingsbere,with its church where her ancestors lay in their tombs.在她左边不远的地方,她可以看到围绕王陴的树木,她的祖先就被安放在那儿的教堂墓地里。

She could no longer admire or respect them. She almost hated them for ruining her life.她不再倾慕,也不再尊敬他们了。她甚至有些恨他们,因为他们毁掉了她的生活。Nothing of theirs was left except the old seal and spoon.除了印章和银匙,他们什么也没留下。

‘Huh!I have as much of mother as father in me!’she said.“嘿!妈妈给予我的同爸爸给予我的一样多!”她说道,‘All my prettiness comes from her,and she was only a dairymaid.’“我的仙颜都是从她身上继续下来的,而她只不外是个挤奶女工。”Her walk took two hours,until she reached the hill overlooking the Valley of the Great Dairies.她步行了两个小时,才来到了可以俯视大牛奶场的山头。

This valley was watered by the river Froom,and produced huge amounts of milk and butter,more even than Tess's Vale of Blackmoor,福鲁姆河浇灌着这个山谷,这儿生产着大量的牛奶和黄油,甚至比苔丝家那里的黑荒原山谷还多,which was known as the Vale of Little Dairies.黑荒原山谷以小牛奶场谷而闻名。As she stood and looked,she realized the valleys were quite different.她站定远眺,发现这儿的山谷截然差别。Here the fields and farms were much larger.这里的田地和农场更辽阔,She saw more cows at a glance than she had ever seen before.而且她以前从来没有一眼望见过这么多的奶牛。

The evening sun shone on their red,white and brown bodies.夕阳85照在它们红色、白色另有棕色的皮毛上。She thought that this view was perhaps not as beautiful as a view of Blackmoor Vale,which she knew so well.她以为这儿的风物也许并没有黑荒原山谷漂亮,她对谁人山谷太熟悉了。There the sky was deep blue,the smell of the earth was heavy in the air,the streams ran slowly and silently.那儿的天空湛蓝无比,空气中充满了土壤的气息,溪水总是寂静缓慢地流淌着。But this view was more cheerful.可是这儿的景致更让人兴高采烈。

Here the air was clear and light, and the river Froom rushed as fast as the shadow of a cloud.这儿的空气清新怡人,福鲁姆河水流湍急,就像一片白云的影子急忙掠过。Either the change in the quality of the air,or the feeling that she was going to start a new life here, made her feel much happier.不管是空气质量的改变,还是她即将在此开始一种全新生活的感受,都使她感应越发欢欣愉悦。She ran along, her hopes and the sunshine warming her.她朝前跑去,她的希望和这儿的阳光温暖着她。

She looked at her best as she ran laughing into the warm wind.当她大笑着跑进柔和的微风时,她的样子出现出前所未有的神采。The desire for pleasure, which is in every living thing, had finally won over Tess.那种对幸福的盼望,那种存在于每一个有生命的物体中的盼望,终于重新赢得了苔丝。She was,after all,only a young woman of twenty, who had not finished growing up.究竟,她还只是一个20岁的年轻女子,还没有完全长大成人。

No event,however unpleasant,could have marked her for ever.任何事情,不管它有何等不幸,都不会永远在她身上留下伤痕。She was young and strong and beautiful, and could not remain sad for long.她年轻康健、精神充沛而且漂亮感人,她可以不再恒久地伤心了。Her hopes rose higher than ever.她从来没有像现在这样满怀希望。She wanted to show how grateful she was for this second chance.她想表达出自己对第二次时机的到来是如何地充满感谢之情。

She started singing love songs,but found they were not enough to express her feelings.她放声唱起了恋爱歌曲,但以为它们不足以表达她的情感。She remembered the Sunday mornings of her girlhood,and sang:‘Oh sun and moon… Oh stars… Oh children of men… Praise the Lord! Praise Him for ever!’她追念起了少女时代星期日上午的情景,于是唱道:“哦,太阳和月亮……哦星星……哦,人类的孩子们……赞美上帝吧!永远地赞美他!”until she stopped suddenly and murmured, ‘But perhaps I don't quite know the Lord yet.’唱着唱着,她突然停下并自言自语道:“但也许我对上帝相识得还不够。

”This was probably a pagan feeling in a religious form.这也许只是用宗教形式体现的非基督教的情感。People who live in the country and are close to nature, like Tess,keep many of the pagan ideas of their ancestors in their souls.像苔丝这样生活在乡村、贴近自然的人,在心灵里保留了许多源于他们的祖先的非基督教思想。

Religion learned in church comes much later, and does not touch them deeply.而从教堂得来的宗教信仰要迟得多,并没有何等深刻地影响他们。Tess was happy to be making her way independently in life.可以按自己的方式独立地生活让苔丝感应兴奋。She really wanted to live honestly and work hard,unlike her father.她真心愿意实实在在地生活并勤勤恳恳地事情,而不是像她父亲那样。Tess had her mother's energy and the energy of her youth to help her recover from her experience.苔丝有从母亲那儿获得的气力和自己年轻生命的气力来资助她从已往的履历中恢复过来。

Women do usually live through such experiences.女人们通常要履历这种生活。‘Where there's life there's hope’ is still true for most‘betrayed’women.对多数被生活玩弄过的女人们来说,“哪儿有生活,哪儿就有希望”仍是一条稳定的真理。As Tess,full of enthusiasm,came downhill towards the dairy,she suddenly heard the milking call,again and again, from all parts of the valley.当苔丝热情洋溢地朝着牛奶场跑下山时,她突然听到了挤奶的命令,一遍又一各处在山谷各个角落响起。

It was half-past four, when the dairy people brought in the cows.现在是四点半,到了牛奶场的人们把牛赶回来的时候了。Tess followed the red and white animals,with their great bags of milk under them,into the farmyard.苔丝随着这些红色或白色、身下垂着硕大乳房的动物,跑进了场院。She saw the long sheds, and the wooden posts, shining and smooth where the cows had rubbed against them over the years.她瞥见了一排长长的屋棚和一根根木桩,由于奶牛长年的摩擦,它们被蹭得油光发亮。

She saw the cows between the posts,the sun throwing their shadows on the wall as carefully as a painter paints a beautiful king or queen.她瞥见了木桩之间的一头头奶牛,阳光把它们的阴影投射到墙上,就像画家经心绘制的一幅漂亮的国王或王后的画像。As the cows waited for their turn,the milk fell in drops on the ground.还没有轮到它们呢,有几滴牛奶已滴到了地上。

The dairymaids and men had come from their cottages as they saw the cows arriving from the fields.挤奶女工和男子们看到奶牛从地里回来了,就都从屋子里走了出来。Each girl sat on her three-legged stool as she milked,her right cheek resting on the cow's body,watching Tess arrive.挤奶时,每个女工都坐在一张三条腿的矮凳上,她们把右面颊靠在牛的身子上,看到苔丝进来了。The men milked with their hats low over their eyes and did not see her.男子挤奶时压低帽子遮住了眼晴,没有注意到她。

One of them was a middle-aged man,the head-dairyman she was looking for.其中有一位中年男子,就是苔丝正在寻找的牛奶场主。He worked six days a week in his white milking clothes, milking and butter-making, and on the seventh he wore his best suit to take his family proudly to church.他一星期六天穿着白色的挤奶服事情,挤奶,做黄油,到了第七天,他就穿上最好的衣服,带着全家人,体体面面地到教堂去做星期。Because of this people nearby used to say:由于这个缘故,四周的人们常说:Dairyman Dick All the week,On Sundays Mister Richard Crick.整个星期都是奶场工狄克,星期日是理查德·克里克先生。Most dairymen are usually bad-tempered at milking time, but Mr Crick was glad to get a new dairymaid at this busy time of the year.大多数挤奶工在挤奶时都脾气急躁,但克里克先生很兴奋在一年中的忙碌季节里迎来了一个新的挤奶女工。

So he received Tess warmly and asked her how her family were.他热情地接待苔丝,还问了她家人的情况。‘When I was a boy I knew your part of the country very well,’be said.“当我还是一个孩子时,我对你们谁人地方就很是熟悉。”他说道,‘An old woman of ninety—she's dead now but she used to live near here—she once told me there was an ancient noble family of a name like yours,“一位九十岁的老太太——她现在已经死了,但她已往住在这儿四周——曾经告诉过我,有一个同你的姓氏相像的古老高尚的家族,who came from here originally.But I didn't take any notice of an old woman like that.’很早以前是这儿的人。可我没剖析老太太说的话。

”‘Oh no, that's just a story,’said Tess.“哦,不,那不外是一个故事而已。”苔丝说。Then Mr Crick turned to business.然后克里克先生转到正事上:‘You can milk well,my girl?I don't want my cows drying up,especially just now.’“你挤奶挤得好吗,我的孩子?我可不想看到我的牛不出奶,特别是在这个时候。”‘Oh yes,I can,’answered Tess.“哦,是的,我能行,”苔丝回覆。

He looked at her delicate hands and pale face.他看了看她那双细嫩的手和有些苍白的脸。‘Quite sure you're strong enough for this sort of life?“你确信你有足够的体力过这种生活吗?It's comfortable enough here for rough country people but it's hard work.’这儿的生活对强壮的乡下人来说够舒服的了,但活儿很累。

”‘Oh yes,I'm strong enough. I'm used to hard work,’Tess insisted.“哦,是的,我有足够的体力。我已经习惯干重活儿了。

”苔丝坚持说。‘Well,have some tea and something to eat.You've had a long journey,’he said kindly.“那好,去喝杯茶,吃点工具。你刚刚走了这么长的路。”他和善地说。

‘No,I'd rather begin milking straight away,’said Tess. ‘I'll just drink a little milk first.’“不,我宁愿立刻开始挤奶,”苔丝说,“我先喝点儿牛奶就可以了。”This surprised Dairyman Crick,who appeared never to have thought of milk as a drink.这让奶场工克里克感应惊讶,他好像从来没想过牛奶也能这么喝似的。

‘Oh,if you can swallow it,have some,’he said,holding the bucket for her to drink from.“哦,如果你喝得下,就喝吧,”他说,拿起了一个小桶让她喝。‘I haven't touched any for years. It would lie in my stomach like a stone,so it would.“我好几年没碰过它了。喝了它就像胃里放了块石头似的,是这样的。

Now,try that one and see how you get on.’And he pointed to the nearest cow.那么现在,你去挤那头牛,看看你干得怎样。”他指着最近的一头牛说道。As soon as Tess was on her stool under the cow, and the milk was pouring between her fingers into the bucket,苔丝坐到了奶牛下面的凳子上,牛奶从她的指间流泄到桶里,she really felt that her new life was beginning.她真地感受到她的新生活开始了。

As she relaxed,she looked around her.在她歇息的清闲,她环视了一下四周。It was a large dairy.这是一个很大的牛奶场。There were nearly a hundred milking cows.有近一百头待挤的奶牛。Dairyman Crick milked six or eight of the difficult ones with his own hands.奶场主克里克亲自挤六到八头欠好挤的牛。

He could not trust them to the dairymaids,他不放心把它们交给挤奶女工去挤,because if the cows were badly milked their milk would simply dry up.因为如果奶牛没被挤好,它们就会不出奶的。For a while there was no more talk among the milkers.有一阵子,挤奶工们没有声响。

Suddenly Mr Crick got up from his stool.克里克先生突然从凳子上站了起来。We're not getting as much milk from them as usual,’he said.“我们今天挤的奶没有平常的多。”他说道,‘We'd better sing them a song, friends, that's the only thing to do.’“我们最好还是给他们唱支歌吧,朋侪们,只有这样啦。

”So the group of milkers started singing,to encourage the cows to give more.于是这群挤奶工开始唱起歌来,想促使奶牛们出更多的奶。Mr Crick went on,‘But I think bulls like music better than cows.克里克先生继续说道:“但我认为公牛比母牛更喜欢音乐。Did I tell you all about William Dewy? On his way home after a wedding he found himself in a field with an angry bull.我跟你们讲过威廉·杜威的事吗?一次婚礼竣事后,在回家路上的一块田地上,他遇上了一头恼怒的公牛。

He took his violin and played some Christmas church music and down went the bull on his knees!他拿出了小提琴,拉起一些圣诞节的教堂音乐,那头公牛居然跪下来了:Just like the animals around baby Jesus! And so William was able to escape.’就像围绕着小耶稣的动物那样!然后威廉就得以逃脱了。”‘It's a curious story.It takes us back to the past,when belief in God was a living thing.’“这是一个奇特的故事。

它把我们带回到已往的年月,那时对上帝的信仰是生动真实的。”This unusual remark came from under a cow.有人从一头奶牛身下做出了这个不平常的论断。‘Well, it's quite true, sir, believe it or not.I knew the man well,’said Mr Crick.“哦,这是完全真实的,先生,信不信由你。

我跟谁人人相当熟。”克里克先生说。‘Oh yes, I'm sure it's true,’said the man behind the brown cow.“哦,是的,我相信它是真实的,”那头棕色奶牛后面的人说道。Tess could not see his face,and could not understand why the head-dairyman himself should call him sir.苔丝无法瞥见他的脸,也不明确为什么牛奶场场主本人还要称谓他为先生。

The man stayed under the cow long enough to milk three,at times saying something angrily to himself.这人待在一头奶牛下面的时间足够让别人挤三头牛了,他还不时生气地自言自语。Then he stood up, stretching his arms.Tess could now see him clearly.然后他站了起来,伸展了一下胳膊。这时苔丝可以清楚地看到他的脸了。He wore the clothes of a dairyman but underneath he was quite different.他穿着挤奶工的衣服,但他本人显得与众差别。

He looked educated and gentlemanly.他看起来受过教育,很有修养。But now she realized that she had seen him before.可是她现在想起来,她以前曾见过这张脸庞。

He was one of the three walking brothers who had stopped their walk to admire the May-Day dance in Marlott a few years before.几年以前,在马勒特村的五月节舞会上,有三个徒步旅行的兄弟曾驻足寓目过,他就是三兄弟之一,He had danced with some of the other girls but not with her.谁人和其他一些女孩跳过舞但没同她跳的人。He had not noticed her and had gone on his way.他没注意到她,又继续上路了。For a moment she was worried that if he recognized her he might discover her story.她一时忐忑不安起来,怕他认出她来后会得知她的履历。

But she soon saw he did not remember her at all.但很快,她发现他基础想不起她来了。Since she had seen him in Marlott,his face had grown more thoughtful.自从她在马勒特见过他之后,他显得更深沉了。

He now had a young man's moustache and beard.他现在蓄起了青年人的唇髭和络腮胡。From the time he had spent milking one cow,he was clearly a beginner at dairy work.从他挤一头牛花费的时间来看,对牛奶场的活儿,他显然是一个新手。Tess discovered that only two or three of the dairymaids slept in the house,besides herself.苔丝发现除了她之外,另有两三个挤奶女工和她睡在一间屋子里。

They all shared a big bedroom near the cheese room.她们共有的这间大卧室挨着奶酪室。That night one of the girls insisted on telling Tess about all the people at the dairy.那天晚上,她们中有个女人坚持要给苔丝讲牛奶场里所有人的情况。

To Tess,half asleep, the whispers seemed to be floating in the air.苔丝半睡半醒地听着,这些耳语就像漂浮在空中一样。‘Mr Angel Clare—he's the one who's learning milking— he's a parson's son and thinks a lot and doesn't notice girls.“安吉尔·克莱尔先生——就是谁人学挤牛奶的人——是一位牧师的儿子,爱思考问题,但对女孩子从不注意。

His father is parson at Emminster,some way from here.His sons,except Mr Clare,are going to be parsons too.’她父亲是爱敏斯特的牧师,离这儿有些距离。他的儿子们,除了克莱尔先生,也都计划当牧师。”Tess gradually fell asleep.苔丝徐徐地睡着了。知识点津 pagan['peigən] n. 异教徒,无宗教信仰者 adj. 异教的,异教徒的,shadow['ʃædəu] n. 阴影,影子,荫,阴暗,暗处vt. 投阴unusual[ʌn'ju:ʒuəl] adj. 不平常的,异常的 bucket['bʌkit] n. 水桶vt. 装在桶里 swallow['swɔləu] n. 燕子,吞咽,一次吞咽的量vt. 吞下, fell[fel] 动词fall的已往式n. 兽皮v grateful['greitfəl] adj. 感谢的,谢谢的touched[tʌtʃt] adj. 受感动的 adj. 精神失常的cheerful['tʃiəfəl] adj. 兴奋的,快乐的except[ik'sept] vt. 除,除外。